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Current happenings in the life of a romance writer…

August 2019

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m finally back in my writer’s cave with a spark of inspiration, if you can believe it! 

I’m thinking about a series with a working title of “Cops and Contractors.” God willing, I will have a solid foundation within the next few days, and I’ll continue plotting the first story. 

The patriarchs (a wealthy real estate developer and a WWII Army pilot turned deputy sheriff) and their wives, with a long history and an array of quirky characters, decide to move south after the war in order to capitalize on the growing development prospects of  southwest “Florida’s last frontier.”

This story is contemporary, and it will be about the mingling lives of the grandchildren who’ve benefited from their ancestor’s grit and determination.

I’m going to sign off now, but please watch for a progress report on my brand new series: “Cops and Contractors.” 

As always, until we meet again, I wish you good health, peace, joy, and most of all an abundance of love!



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