January ~ 2015!

Yikes! Another year has slipped away and I didn’t accom­plish my goal of com­plet­ing my two works in progress. Oh well, maybe this year.

Life is set­tling down, but I con­tinue to work toward my bachelor’s degree. Only 7 or 8 more classes to go! Hope­fully, once I’m fin­ished with school I will be able to ded­i­cate more time to writ­ing, what I truly enjoy doing.

This is a wish, my dear friends, that all your dreams come true in 2015.

With My Deep­est Regards,


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December ~ 2013


I can­not believe another year has gone by, and though so much has hap­pened in my life, there have not been many lit­er­ary accom­plish­ments to speak of. And that makes me really sad.

Yes, I’ve pid­dled around with two sto­ries that seem to be tak­ing for­ever to com­plete. This is the rea­son a good out­line is so impor­tant. With­out a writ­ten plan for these lin­ger­ing tales, I would most def­i­nitely have trou­ble remem­ber­ing the path I so enthu­si­as­ti­cally imag­ined for my char­ac­ters many months ago.

Although I con­tinue, with­out pause, the path toward my BA, I declare here and now that I will complete—in 2014—the sto­ries with the work­ing titles of: Con­quer­ing Logan and Par­ent Project!

Wish­ing you all a very happy 2014 and that all your dreams will come true…


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