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Current happenings in the life of a romance writer…

March ~ 2017

            As is the case most years, this one is promising to be a year of new beginnings! If nothing else, there will be no lack of drama; we need merely to turn on the news to experience all the emotions we authors strive to inspire in our fictional tales. There will be moments of indignation and times of conciliation, dread and confidence, fear and reassurance, and perhaps even a bit of laughter and a few shed tears. It’s a pattern fed by the only constant, that is change. Looking back on our history–our country’s past–we realize with each new shift in position, there will always be opposition, a negative for every positive. Some will envision gains while others will see nothing but loss. There is no doubt the stakes are high, they always have been, and they always will be. When emotions grow weary, perhaps it’s time to grab a good book and lose ourselves in the kind of drama that brings enchantment to our soul, if even for just a while.

With love, Joyce


Conquering Logan available from The Wild Rose Press and

anywhere e-books are sold… 


HAILEY Madison wants her bodyguard and she’s not letting anything get in the way–not her father and not Logan’s job–now that she’s got him all to herself on the high seas. The unexpected appearance of a jealous ghost is just another glitch in her carefully planned seduction.  

       LOGAN DeAngelo knows his boss’s daughter is off limits. But despite his good intentions, guarding her body keeps him within firing range of her seductive determination. The Caribbean sunshine is nothing compared to the heat between them, and Logan’s running out of reasons not to get seared.


         My current work in progress, Worth the Risk, is a full-length novel, and it is moving steadily toward Devin and Stephanie’s happily-ever-after.  

          Siblings plot an elaborate scheme to reunite their parents after                 seven years of separation, only to get the entire family entangled in a vicious vendetta from their father’s past.


In the very near future, look for Shaken-Up and Wounded Hearts, two stories I’m revising for re-publication in my brand new series entitled, Edison Bay. 

Until next time, be happy and filled with love, one for the other!




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