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Cur­rent hap­pen­ings in the life of a romance writer…

June ~ 2016PinkHeart.jpg

Con­quer­ing Logan - Avail­able soon from The Wild Rose Press

A cruise is the per­fect excuse for the daugh­ter of a wealthy CEO to get her father’s secu­rity chief right where she’s always wanted him, and with noth­ing sur­round­ing them but miles of open sea; unfor­tu­nately, a jeal­ous ghost has other plans for the lit­tle princess.


         My cur­rent work in progress, Worth the Risk, is mov­ing rapidly toward Devin and Stephanie’s Hap­pily Ever After.  While simul­ta­ne­ously I con­tinue pound­ing away at my course­work toward my B.A. in Cre­ative Writ­ing, car­ing for my elderly father who lives with us, and work­ing full time man­ag­ing my husband’s con­struc­tion office. If all goes well, I will begin grad­u­ate courses this fall.

          So this is what’s hap­pen­ing in my world. I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line, and let me know about your world while in pur­suit of your dreams.

          Until next time, my wish for you is joy, laugh­ter, and an abun­dance of love!







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