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Cur­rent hap­pen­ings in the life of a romance writer…

March ~ 2016PinkHeart.jpg

Con­quer­ing Logan, is finally com­plete, and I’m in the final stages of polishing!  

A lapse in momen­tum due to life get­ting in my way, adds a dash of sweet­ness to this long-journey-traveled mile­stone. Once this story is sub­mit­ted, I plan to pick up my sec­ond par­tial, with a work­ing title, Par­ent Project. As soon as this gem gains my full focus, I plan to give it a new name. As pointed out by one of my astute cri­tique part­ners, “this does not sound like an erotic romance title.” She is absolutely cor­rect, and I will be address­ing the issue forthwith.

Life has set­tled down to some degree, but I’m still work­ing on my B.A. in Cre­ative Writ­ing, car­ing for my elderly father who lives with us, and work­ing full time man­ag­ing an office for my hus­band. Other than that, I have all the time in the world to pur­sue my true calling–writing sto­ries I hope my read­ers will enjoy.

Now you know what’s hap­pen­ing with me. Feel free to drop me a line, and let me know your thoughts on life, love and the pur­suit of your dreams.

Until we meet again, may your days be filled with joy and laugh­ter, and as always–an abun­dance of love! 







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