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Current happenings in the life of a romance writer…

August ~ 2017



Newest release: Conquering Logan 


HAILEY Madison wants her bodyguard and she’s not letting anything get in the way–not her father and not Logan’s job–now that she’s got him all to herself on the high seas. The unexpected appearance of a jealous ghost is just another glitch in her carefully planned seduction.  

       LOGAN DeAngelo knows his boss’s daughter is off limits. But despite his good intentions, guarding her body keeps him within firing range of her seductive determination. The Caribbean sunshine is nothing compared to the heat between them, and Logan’s running out of reasons not to get seared.


         Coming soon, Worth the Risk

          In a last-ditch effort to provoke reconciliation between their parents, siblings plot a scheme that will cause them to come together for the common cause of finding their missing son.

        With their son gone missing and the nemesis responsible for such pain in their marriage released from prison and on a mission for revenge, Devin and Stephanie Clark have nowhere to turn but to each other. Chaos threatens Devin’s fragile reconciliation with his ex-wife as he tries to shake off a psychotic admirer, keep his family safe from the vengeful killer taunting him, and find his missing son.



Look for Shake Up and Wounded Hearts, set in beautiful, Edison Bay, Florida. Coming soon…

Until next time, I wish you happiness and much love!




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