January ~ 2013

It’s a new year, and time for a fresh start.

I’m working on a brand new short story entitled, Conquering Logan. Winning a cruise is the perfect excuse for the daughter of a wealthy CEO to get her father’s security chief right where she wants him, flat on his back, and with nothing surrounding them but miles of open sea.

I continue to work slow and steady on my current project, a full length contemporary sensual romance with a working title of Parent Project.

A glutton for punishment, I’ve added many new things to my plate. I’m working a full time job after being self-employed for over a decade.

For several years, I’ve regretted not completing my coursework toward my bachelor of arts degree.

I’ve taken the plunge and enrolled back in school, and having a blast in my first class. With credits earned, I’m well into the third year of my four year program. Who would have thought it could be so much fun? I don’t remember it this way when I was younger.  Of course, I had other things on my mind back then, like boys!


Wishing you all a wonderful and productive 2013!

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