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WOUNDED HEARTS – Available now.

Kelly Thompson is trying to be both mother and father to her eight-year-old son while working fulltime as a paralegal, protect them both against her ex-husbands proclivity toward violence, and guard her heart from a dead-end attraction for the grieving detective who sets her body on fire.

Widowed detective, Raylan Hunter, is raising a defiant teenaged daughter who fights him at every turn, while battling a lonely heart and his overwhelming attraction for his sensuous co-worker.

As these two battle-scarred souls come together, fighting crime and never ending personal struggles, will they discover a second chance at love is enough to heal the wounds of the past?



WORTH THE RISK – Available now from Loose Id


Everyone knew Stephanie and Devin had been happily married…except for Stephanie and Devin. Though they’d been deeply in love, Devin’s work ultimately drove them apart and they divorced.

When their son disappears, the two are brought back together in a common cause: to figure out what happened and find their son. They start to think maybe second chances are possible and the old chemistry is still there–until Devin’s old nemesis gets out of jail. Will the same danger that split them apart the first time do it yet again?


CONQUERING LOGAN, Available now from The Wild Rose Press

ISBN: 978-1-5092-1148-7

Available through The Wild Rose Press and anywhere that e-books are sold.


Hailey Madison wants her bodyguard, and she’s not letting anything get in the way–not her father and not Logan’s job or the enemy stalking him–now that she’s got him all to herself on the high seas. The unexpected appearance of a jealous ghost is a minor glitch in her carefully planned seduction.

Logan DeAngelo knows his boss’s daughter is off limits. Despite his good intentions, guarding her body keeps him within firing range of her seductive determination. The Caribbean sunshine is nothing compared to the heat between them, and Logan’s running out of reasons not to get seared. He can protect her from the ghost and her dad, but protecting her from his stalker could mean choosing between keeping her and keeping her alive.


FAMILIAR FLAME, Released November 15, 2012 by Cobblestone Press

ISBN: 978-1-60088-798-7 

Available at Cobblestone Press and anywhere that e-books are sold.


Brandy rushes to release her neighbor’s pets when an unattended fire rages out of control, only to be confronted by a disgruntled fire-cop whom vows to teach her a lesson in self-preservation.

Fire Inspector, Lucas Martin, arrives at the chaotic scene of a fire gone wild, and learns the sexy neighbor narrowly escaped her own demise while rescuing an irresponsible property owner’s animals.

As Lucas returns Brandy to her home next door, he discovers real meaning behind the phrase: ‘Keep the flame burning.’

To read an excerpt, Chapter One, click on the book image…


RECKLESS DREAMS, Released August 15, 2012 by Cobblestone Press

ISBN: 978-1-60088-777-2

Available at: Cobblestone Press and anywhere that e-books are sold.


Sally Foster, yet again finds herself unable to meet her family’s expectations when she discovers her fiancé, their golden boy, in bed with another woman. Detective Alex Mathews, with a tragic past, sees an accident waiting to happen when fate lands him in the direct path of one endearing woman’s reckless disregard for self-preservation.

As these two weary souls, resolved to a future less than that of their dreams, discover acceptance in each others arms, they must fight an abundance of negative forces determined to prevent them from achieving their happily-ever-after.

To read an excerpt, Chapter One, click on book image…


UNTAMED KISS, Released November 16, 2011 by Cobblestone Press.

ISBN: 978-1-60088-716-1         

Available at:  Cobblestone Press and anywhere that e-books are sold.


Katie Benson left her life of privilege to become a high school teacher a few hundred miles from home. If only she could find a man who lights the flames of her desire as well as her former bodyguard, life would be complete.

Benson Security Director, Blake Malone has kept the little princess at arms length out of self-preservation after one night of almost crossing the line, ten years ago.

An unwanted admirer forces the two, with unfinished personal business, into close quarters where the spark of attraction continues to ignite, this time the boundaries of propriety are blurred.

To read an excerpt, Chapter One, click on book image…




SHAKE UP, An Edison Bay Romance, Available now on Amazon.com


After a long and difficult battle for career independence, Lacey Parker succeeds in earning a position with the DEA. But is complete independence all it’s cracked up to be? What about a family with a devoted and happy husband and children to love?

Sheriff John Parker, Lacey’s overprotective husband, is anything but pleased, as he witnesses the danger she faces while trying to take down a brutal drug-dealing killer.

As the two agonize over their roles as equal partners, future parents, and dedicated lovers, an unstable admirer attempts to sabotage their fragile reunion. What the couple envisioned as the foundation for a happily-ever-after, may not be as clear-cut as they first believed.

Book Review for SHAKE UP from a Reading Alley reviewer
New Reviewer
1 Review
 * * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

A powerful woman surrounded by dominant men

Nov 20, 2017
Lacey Parker regrets sending John divorce papers, but it’s her final chance to save her broken marriage. After a two-month separation, she must jolt John into making a move. He receives her message and works quickly to repair their damaged marriage with a compromise. John must accept her position in law enforcement and recognize her talent as an undercover officer. Working in the dark and hazardous world of the DEA places Lacey in danger, but the strong men surrounding her, keep her safe. Joyce Palmer’s writing is fast paced, the sex scenes are steamy, and all the men definitely comfortable in clearly defined dominant roles.


Review on Amazon.com for Shake Up from a Lilly’s Book World reviewer

December 4, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I loved this story quite a lot. It has quite nice characters, both knowing what they want and doing what it takes to achieve it. Yes, it does have some issues, in my opinion, but it is a very enjoyable read, that will stir some of those romantic feelings.

A protective husband, a much determined wife, these are our main characters and they are quite a couple. When Lacey is accepted as a DEA agent, you can imagine how furious her husband had become. Especially since his protective nature wanted her as close as possible. His possessiveness becomes unbearable so Lacey needs some time away to figure things out. When divorce becomes an issue, John realizes they may have bigger problems than he thought. In parallel with their issues, we have undercover agents trying to capture a big time drug dealer. Who’s a husband supposed  to deal with that?

Lacey started as a confident woman, but later in the story she proves to be weaker and always in need of a savior. I appreciated the connection Lacey and John shared and his willingness to do what it takes to recover their marriage. This comes in contradiction with the image of a DEA agent, willing to fight crime. Their love life is quite intense and the way the author describes it is weaved greatly in the story.

Beginning was great and action packed and the characters seemed very strong and developed. But towards the end, the book becomes predictable and it reduces the action part of the story. However, the focus is more on the main characters and how they find common ground.

Even if there may be some items that did not stand quite well with me, I cannot give this book less than 4 stars, as it made me feel good, it made me feel emotions and it kept me focused on both levels – the relationship between the main characters, but as well the case waiting to be solved by the agency. I can’t wait to read more about the other characters and more by this author. Hope you like it as well! Enjoy J



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