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 Shaken Vows
Joyce Palmer
Contemporary romance
Available from Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-644-7
March 2011
Lacey Parker is finally a DEA agent after working ten years in local law enforcement. The job has almost ended her decade long marriage to Sheriff John Parker. His overbearing need to protect her has caused a seemingly impassable rift between them. She left him after yet another loud argument over her safety. They are both miserable during the eight months they have been apart. Their attempted reconciliation is tested as Lacey pursues a brutal killer.Lacey and John are very much in love and I was rooting for them from the beginning. This book is really two stories that have been seamlessly woven together by the author. The DEA undercover operation to take down a killer is played out against the backdrop of John and Lacey’s attempt to fix their marriage. Both stories are well done. The DEA investigation is tense and suspenseful. The secondary characters are well developed and I would love to see a few of them get their own stories. The Parker’s efforts to reconcile their differences are touching and heartfelt. They make realistic concessions to try and preserve their marriage. John and Lacey’s sexual encounters are scorching hot. Their sex scenes are explicit and steamy. Apparently marriage doesn’t have to dim the fire. This is a very enjoyable story and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Palmer. Warning: light bondage

Overall rating: 4 hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit                                        

Reviewer: Susan P.
April 19, 2011



 Untamed Kiss
Joyce Palmer
Contemporary romance
Available from Cobblestone Press
ASIN: 978-1-60088-716-1
November 2011
Katie Benson is a long way from her wealthy father’s high security walled estate.  She lives in a small town on the Florida Gulf Coast with a teaching job, friends, and a modest home she loves. When her friend Piper goes behind her back and tells her father about her persistent, unwanted suitor turned stalker, her father sent his top security man, Blake Malone.  The two had a past.  Blake was older by eleven years, although it met less now then when she tried to seduce him at seventeen.  Things escalate when Blake’s tires are shredded, and then a man she dated just one time is found dead and the police suspect foul play. Blake has to forget his feelings and concentrate if he’s going to protect her.Danger and sexual tension. What could be better? Untamed Kissis a fast paced, erotic thrill ride.  She wants him, he wants her, and a stalker threatens to ruin everything if her over-protective father doesn’t step in first and fire Blake for betraying his trust by corrupting his daughter. There is just so much going on between the history between them when she was a teenager and the adult relationship they are headed for. The fact that Blake’s sexual needs lean towards BDSM makes everything a little edgy.

The plot was especially well thought out and expertly written. The relationship, past and present, and the danger are all weaved together perfectly. The secondary characters, her friend Piper and her deputy boyfriend, are an integral part of the story as they help Blake protect the woman he is falling in love with. I was really impressed with the book and plan to read more of Joyce Palmer’s work. This one’s a keeper.

Overall rating: 4 hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Kathy F.
January 24, 2012


Hi Joyce,

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED Bat­tered Hearts!!!!!! I am going to read Shaken Vows next and I wanted to know if you have any more books out and if you will have new releases.

Thanks again for the great book!!!

Mar­i­ann M                                               

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